Can't Take Time Off From Your Coaching Business Because Without You It Will Crash And Burn?
Everything you need to know to build a Freedom Business
so you can create a Freedom Lifestyle
What Does Freedom Mean To You?
The Five Freedom Codes
Your idea of freedom is probably different than our idea of freedom.

As a Digital Nomad, Debbie Peck travels around the world while building her business. On the other hand, Tina Sibley lives in a lovely seaside condo in the south of Spain where she moved to avoid the cold UK weather. Tina also continues to travel. Both are living their ideal freedom lifestyles.

Many people think that money is the key to freedom. They say if they could only win the lottery or have some other massive windfall that their lives would be free. While money is a factor, there are other things that we believe create a balanced freedom lifestyle. 
  • Money Freedom: Having money gives you options
  • Time Freedom: Being able to do what you want WHEN you want
  • Location Freedom: Travel, live in another country, work from home
  • Health Freedom: If you don't have your health, none of these other things matter
  • ​Freedom of Expression: Also called mind freedom. Being able to express without repression
You Could Be A Global Success Story!
Tina Sibley
Debbie Peck
Global Friends
In 2017 in the Brittany area of France, Debbie was housesitting in a lovely countryside village. Tina was living in Spain and going through big changes in her life. Tina commented on a post in a Facebook group and Debbie responded. They decided to have a video chat and a great friendship was born.

Tina was intrigued by the idea of housesitting and decided to check it out. She got a gig in Ontario Canada and went on a year-long traveling adventure. While she was in Vancouver, she and Debbie met for the first time in person. It was like meeting an old friend!

They discovered that it was great to have someone to talk to that understands the challenges of being on the road. And also have a friend, no matter where you are in the world.
They decided to build a community called Freedom Navigators where people that like to travel could stay in touch and get information and tips on travel, making money, building a business and living their own version of living the freedom lifestyle.
Ready to Break Free?
Are you a coach or consultant that is struggling to get clients? Maybe you have a full or part-time dead-end job and are overworked, stressed out and want more time off. Does your present employment allow you to take time off whenever you need to or want to? 
Do you have a business but are working way too many hours? I'll bet you thought becoming an entrepreneur was going to give you more time freedom, but in reality you are working yourself into an early grave. Are you able to take time away from your business without worrying that it will crash and burn?
If you don't feel like your ideas are being heard, feel trapped in your current employment or business situation and want to experience more freedom of time, increase your income, have better health because you'll have more energy, and finally do something more exciting, it's time to BREAK FREE!
A Step-by-Step Freedom Business Model
Be Location Independent
There are many business models that allow you to work remotely so you can be anywhere in the world,  and at the same time being able to create an income so that you can live a great lifestyle.

One of the best models we have found (and we've tried a lot of them!) is through offering your expertise online.

The tools that are available for remote business workers today are powerful and stable and can be used from any WiFi connection, no matter where you are in the world. We have recommendations for all the tools we use.
Whether you decide to have a home base or travel full time as a digital nomad, we have solutions for your business.
Create a Lifestyle Income
Money doesn't buy freedom - it affords options. The business model that we've tested time and time again for the quickest, easiest way to create income is through selling your expert knowledge.
Through coaching and consulting, we've been able to send out offers online through email and social media to create an almost instant cash flow. We'll show you how.
However, without having a steady stream of clients coming in, this model is too inconsistent. One month you're rolling in dough, the next you are wondering how to pay the bills.
By creating an online sales funnel and attracting your ideal clients, you will always have as many clients as you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams. 
Time is Too Precious To Waste
What if you don't want to spend all your time building fancy funnels, and dealing with online technology? Exactly. We want to show you a simple way to bring in clients automatically.
You don't necessarily need any expensive degrees or even coaching certifications, depending on the expertise or knowledge that you have. Tina has formal coaching certifications but has found them un-necessary.  Debbie doesn't have certifications and is an outstanding coach.
So many people want to wait until "retirement" to do the things they want to do, like travel or spend more time with family. There is no reason to wait. And there is no guarantee that you'll be able to do that. Do all the things you want to do now.
What's Included
8 Modules and Special Assignments
Especially designed to finally help you create your freedom lifestyle
to travel, build a business and live the life of your dreams.
  • ​​Getting Started: Welcome and Exploring your freedom lifestyle
  • ​Module One:  Finding your ideal client, Creating your lead magnet to attract your ideal client
  • Module Two:  Introduction to Webpages and Funnels - the foundation of your lifestyle business
  • Module Three:  Email Marketing. Email software recommendations & Copywriting tips and swipe copy
  • Module Four:  Funnel Tech training - How to set up all the technical bits. Includes templates and step-by-step instructions
  • Module Five:  Lead generation & traffic - where are your clients going to come from? 
  • Module Six:  Webinars & Presentations - creating your presentation for your ideal audience to sell your offer
  • Module Seven:  Webinar Tech Setup - Everything you need to prepare the technology of your webinar
  •  Module Eight:  Sales Conversation - Learn how to interview your prospects so they say YES to your offer.
Success Stories
Cara Carson
"I would highly recommend the Passport to Freedom Program and the powerhouse team of Debbie & Tina if you are looking to create and implement an online program that helps you identify your ideal client and implement the programs and process that drives clients to you!

Thanks Debbie & Tina - you made funnels, landing pages, email campaigns, webinars and all the associated platforms required to implement the bits and pieces easy to understand and fun to do!"

And Cara landed a new client while still on the program!
Fiona Crawford
Before the Passport to Freedom programme, I was going nowhere as I was undecided in which direction to take. As well as all the technical information, I learned to focus on one direction and to get the basics in place, without fretting over too much detail. I loved the weekly meetings, with the chance to get questions answered and the accountability. Now I have a direction and a plan and I feel like I’m finally moving forwards. 
Brian Addy
Before doing the course I was struggling to get the basics set up.
I now have a facebook group page a lead magnet and a landing page so I can start getting email subscribers.
I learnt to finally take action and stop freewheeling.
The best part of the course was getting things in order to do as I can be a bit of an opportunity seeker at times this helps to focus on the right things.
I have finally got my lead magnet done.
Annekatrin Hahnel
It is possible to get good results, even while I was working at a full-time job.  I still had time to do homework.  I liked learning some of the technical details like funnel building and email campaigns.
Video is hot! We’ll also be teaching you how to create your own webinar. This confidence training is so valuable to be able to help you market your business.
You’ll get a one hour session with each Debbie and Tina to help jumpstart your business. *NOTE - This is a limited offer and may be canceled without notice
We interviewed 10 guests that are all living their freedom lifestyles and asked them what their secrets were. You’ll want to hear these!
Facebook loves video and they love Live video even more! This is a great way to be seen!
Build a pdf e-book quickly and easily.
NEXT CLASS STARTS: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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"True enough, this compass does not point north."
"...Where does it point?"
"It points to the thing you want most in this world."
―Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean 
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